We have a product in our Shop, a Keenz Stroller Wagon!

We are so excited to offer you a Wagon that we use on our daily trips whether it’s the shops, playground, beach or simply a walk to put the kids to sleep! 
After our Germany trip in February where we used a “Bollerwagen” to transport our kids, we decided to get one in Australia which wasn’t easy as nobody knows them here so we bought one from China first but discovered that it wasn’t suitable for the kids and the wheels fell off after using it for 3 weeks, so we started looking for a better quality one!

For those who know us, we love the “German Quality” and found a great one in America where they are already popular. 

People stopped us on the streets, took photos and asked where we got it when we tested it and we can now offer them in Australia.

Keenz is the first folding wagon that is also certified as a stroller with inbuilt 5 point harness, retractable roof with mesh sunscreen, side awnings and brakes!

It can be easily folded, fits into most boots and is 13 kg. Loading capacity is 50kg and we usually pack it with sand toys, food, clothes, groceries and 2 kids! 

If it’s nap time, we simply use it as a portable cot and the roof protects them from the sun. 

We love the front basket which also has a cooler bag to keep the drinks cool and the kids shoes can be stored below. 

Check it out in our online Store and we will include a Cup holder and Cooler Bag for free! 

Available in 4 colours

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