Getting ready for an Adventure around Australia!

Exactly 10 years ago we have travelled Australia as backpackers und fell in love with the country which we call home for the last 7 years.

We have settled on the East coast in Brisbane and after meeting a couple who is travelling the world for 8 years on their bicycles with 2 sons, we got the travel bug again!

This time we want to travel in a caravan with our kids aged 9 months and 3 years. We haven’t planned a route yet and will just hit the road as we learned last time that the best plan is no plan!

Will was renting 4WD’s from home and has now given the job to somebody else and Tanya is currently on maternity leave.

It is very common in Australia to do the big lap with families and some people do it 2-3 times. Some do it clockwise and anti clockwise the next time.

We will travel with the weather and anti clockwise as it will be warm in northern Queensland in winter and cooler when we drive south.

On the 1st of May we have spontaneously decided to travel, on the 2nd we have already found our caravan after an online nightshift. On the 3rd we have bought it for $21000.

Sterling Europa 540 from 2005; 5.2 m with 6 beds for $21000.

It’s an Import from England and has got a Heater instead of an Airconditioning which is a benefit for us in Winter.

Our new kitchen

Since we bought it, we are researching and learning everything about caravanning and purchase things like Solar panels, Washing machine, Batteries online.

A preparation with kids is not that easy but we are a good Team.

In order to have more money while travelling, we have asked our Bank to lower the interest rate, a lot of unwanted Items have been sold on gumtree and our full house is available for rent on several booking websites.

The first big booking is from 2 German couples who are finishing their travels and just want a place to relax, therefore we have to leave by the 20th of June and move into our house on the wheels.

We have purchased a few Items that we will be selling on the Road or Markets in order to earn some pocket money for Emily’s lollies.

There are a few useful Apps that we have downloaded (WikiCamps, CamperMate, Navmii, TrackMyTour, Housekeeper Money Budgeting App and of course a Playground Finder App.

The caravan needs some optimising so we can free camp and Will has installed a second battery, Solar panels, TV and a second water tank.

Will is looking for a suitable place for a bigger battery.
A TV is a must to keep the kids occupied during meal preparations.








Emily is already very excited and has chosen her bed but her biggest joy is that she doesn’t have to go to Kindergarten anymore and can spend every day with us.

Emily’s Bunkbed

We are looking forward to our Road adventure and our new chapter and hope that our posts are helpful and can motive other families to travel!