Our Preparations continue

We have just brought our family to the airport which was here for 2 weeks and are busy preparing for our big adventure caravanning around Australia.

Our time is running out and we have decided to tow with our Audi Q7 as it has everything we want and need and is definitely a better towing car than our Mitsubishi. We have to modify it a bit to make it outback ready and therefore the 22″ alloys had to be replaced for 18″.

At the end of the week we will get a tow bar and Anderson plug installed to charge the batteries while we are driving and to keep the fridge running.

The roof will get a basket and an awning and the AUDI is ready to go!

After the Downgrade

Luckily we have found a reliable person who will clean and manage our house, garden and pool.

Our house is advertised as a short term accommodation on several pages like  Airbnb, Stayz or Booking.com and we will continue to manage the bookings online.

We are about to store all our personal Items and are selling some online. Will’s 4WD’s have all been picked up already which is a big relief for us and we can now concentrate on our final preparations.

Emily was already asking why she still has to go to kindergarten if Daddy doesn’t work anymore and has time to play with her all day?

There are about 70 4WD’s in total in Australia which the company owns and they can be rented on this website.

Will was a 4WD Hiring Agent from home

We love to travel with a minimum of stuff required and are curious how much we will end up packing with the kids as they usually require much more than us!

Finally we can be free and unbound again, enjoy the nature and life and spend more time with the kids outdoors and on the road!

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