Own washing machine or public laundry?

Kids will go through a lot of clothes when you travel and doing laundry is an essential part of our trip.

Before we started we were thinking if we would need a Single or Twin tub washing machine which you can get for about $100 from eBay or if it’s easier to use a public laundry and after 2 weeks on the road we know what suits us! 

Single tub washing machine which could only hold 2 shirts and 2 undies

Here are the Pro’s and Contra’s.

Washing machine

  • + Washing can be done everywhere and anytime
  • – Needs a storage space 
  • – Can’t wash big loads 
  • – Requires warm water and not always possible with our caravan if we free camp
  • Requires power

Public laundry 

  • no storage needed 
  • + one big load can be washed 
  • + no power and water needed 
  • – have to wait for it to finish and empty immediately

Caravan parking washing machine 30 min, $4
My little helper
Even the kids can be washed ☺️


We are washing 1 big load per week for $4 (30 min) at the caravan park and decided to pack more clothes instead of storing and connecting the washing machine which also saves us time. Some urgent items can be hand washed if required. 

Let us know in the comments what you prefer! 

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