How are the kids feeling?

After 10 days being on the road and living a life in a caravan, we can now share with you how our kids are feeling about it!

So far the kids woke up and were happy but  on some days the mornings got a bit stressful, especially if they wake up at 6 am and that’s the downside of living in a small space and everyone needs to wake up at the same time and start the day. 

Emily (3) loves playing at the different playgrounds every day, feed the dolphins, ride with us on the bicycle and other activities that we do while Alexa (9 months) doesn’t really care where she is as long as she has food and clean nappies.

You can find a playground every couple of meters

Remember there is a great App we mentioned on Facebook? It’s called Playground Finder 

The 3 year old constantly reminds us that she doesn’t have to go to Kindy anymore and is happy about it as she already wants to go to school.

Getting ready to feed the dolphins

They enjoy the time spent with us together and the 3 year old is hugging and kissing us all day, if we buy her something she says: Thank you mummy for buying me this, I love you! 

As we used to work from home, we have been together 24/7 which wasn’t easy but now that we are on the road, we are much more relaxed and don’t have all the jobs around the house and business and get to know our kids much better. 

Daddy’s girls

The 10 months baby was only with mummy  and never wanted to go to daddy but now they spend more valuable time together and she is happy! 


We use a recycled plastic mat for $30 for Alexa’s play area.

The 3 year old is missing her friends from the Gold Coast and is too shy to make friends at the caravan parks. She is also asking us when her cousins, who are living in Germany, will come to visit us? 

Emily is missing her friend

We have a product in our Shop, a Keenz Stroller Wagon!

We are so excited to offer you a Wagon that we use on our daily trips whether it’s the shops, playground, beach or simply a walk to put the kids to sleep! 
After our Germany trip in February where we used a “Bollerwagen” to transport our kids, we decided to get one in Australia which wasn’t easy as nobody knows them here so we bought one from China first but discovered that it wasn’t suitable for the kids and the wheels fell off after using it for 3 weeks, so we started looking for a better quality one!

For those who know us, we love the “German Quality” and found a great one in America where they are already popular. 

People stopped us on the streets, took photos and asked where we got it when we tested it and we can now offer them in Australia.

Keenz is the first folding wagon that is also certified as a stroller with inbuilt 5 point harness, retractable roof with mesh sunscreen, side awnings and brakes!

It can be easily folded, fits into most boots and is 13 kg. Loading capacity is 50kg and we usually pack it with sand toys, food, clothes, groceries and 2 kids! 

If it’s nap time, we simply use it as a portable cot and the roof protects them from the sun. 

We love the front basket which also has a cooler bag to keep the drinks cool and the kids shoes can be stored below. 

Check it out in our online Store and we will include a Cup holder and Cooler Bag for free! 

Available in 4 colours

Not the best start but we are on the Road

We had a 2 days delay as we couldn’t finish a few things at home, were waiting for the postman with our water tank and locked a room with the car keys inside.

But the best part is yet to come…after packing the caravan, we decided to weigh it and realized that we have packed 200kg too much and therefore went home to unpack and load some heavy items on the roof. What seemed like and empty caravan, ended up being loaded with 500kg and no Idea where it could all fit!

Swapping our big home for a caravan life
Our first stop was Caloundra where we decided to stay at a caravan park with a heated pool for 3 days. 

Heated pool in winter

We did two bike trips along the Coastal Walkway and explored the area. The best way to explore the area is on bikes and we are glad we bought some. The kids seats are only $45 and $60 and can be ordered here.    Child bike seat 

We love them, they are easy to install, can fit on any bike and you don’t need the predrilled holes on your bikes. They also perfectly fit on the caravan bike rail with the bikes. 

Super girl is ready for her bike trip
Coastal Walkway in Caloundra is perfect for bike riding

Caloundra is also called God’s waiting room as most of the people are retired but they still have a lot of playgrounds every couple of meters where they take their grandkids.

So Will has made friends with them at the caravan park and playgrounds. 

We went to the market and met a person  who is making kids hats, we couldn’t resist the beautiful prints and good quality hats and bought some for our kids which Emily doesn’t want to take off now! Hats are very important in Australia, even in winter.

She is selling them at the markets or Etsy.

Today we are trying a free camp as we have a self contained caravan and right now we enjoy that the kids are having a nap in the car while we relax at the beach! 

Our office today while kids are asleep
Bushwalking in the National Park

Conclusion after 3 days:

We love our life! Finally we feel free again, concentrate on the kids and do what we love ! 

Everything is possible, even with little kids. 

Only 2 nights to go!

It was a crazy week with a lot of things to organise and pack and you notice how much you stuff you actually have at home!

We love to declutter regularly but it still feels like we can live with less.

We were worried that we might overpack and overload the caravan but turns out that we will have enough empty storage and even the car boot will be empty.

Initially it was our plan to start on Sunday but as we haven’t received our water tank yet, we will have to start on Monday.

The bike racks have been installed and the child seats attached to the bikes, we did a pest control in the caravan as we had ants laying eggs in a drawer which is common in caravans and we were told that if they will get into the walls, it’s almost impossible to get rid of them.

Will has attached mudguards to protect the Caravan from stones and a few more small jobs.

Fiamma Carry Bike Pro 
Ray from Bugguy is doing a Pest Control

Today we got some great help from our friends Anna and Alex who were keeping Emily busy and did a few jobs around the car and later Emily was surprised with a visit from her friend who took her for a sleepover and so we could pack and relax after 10pm.

Anna and Emily are having a beauty day

This will be the last time that we’ll  get help, soon we will be together 24/7 and hope we won’t go crazy!

Organising some last payments
Caravan is ready to be packed
Lunch break

A big thank you to Mantas, Grace, Anna, Alex, Ray form Bugguy and Valerie for the massage!


Getting ready for an Adventure around Australia!

Exactly 10 years ago we have travelled Australia as backpackers und fell in love with the country which we call home for the last 7 years.

We have settled on the East coast in Brisbane and after meeting a couple who is travelling the world for 8 years on their bicycles with 2 sons, we got the travel bug again!

This time we want to travel in a caravan with our kids aged 9 months and 3 years. We haven’t planned a route yet and will just hit the road as we learned last time that the best plan is no plan!

Will was renting 4WD’s from home and has now given the job to somebody else and Tanya is currently on maternity leave.

It is very common in Australia to do the big lap with families and some people do it 2-3 times. Some do it clockwise and anti clockwise the next time.

We will travel with the weather and anti clockwise as it will be warm in northern Queensland in winter and cooler when we drive south.

On the 1st of May we have spontaneously decided to travel, on the 2nd we have already found our caravan after an online nightshift. On the 3rd we have bought it for $21000.

Sterling Europa 540 from 2005; 5.2 m with 6 beds for $21000.

It’s an Import from England and has got a Heater instead of an Airconditioning which is a benefit for us in Winter.

Our new kitchen

Since we bought it, we are researching and learning everything about caravanning and purchase things like Solar panels, Washing machine, Batteries online.

A preparation with kids is not that easy but we are a good Team.

In order to have more money while travelling, we have asked our Bank to lower the interest rate, a lot of unwanted Items have been sold on gumtree and our full house is available for rent on several booking websites.

The first big booking is from 2 German couples who are finishing their travels and just want a place to relax, therefore we have to leave by the 20th of June and move into our house on the wheels.

We have purchased a few Items that we will be selling on the Road or Markets in order to earn some pocket money for Emily’s lollies.

There are a few useful Apps that we have downloaded (WikiCamps, CamperMate, Navmii, TrackMyTour, Housekeeper Money Budgeting App and of course a Playground Finder App.

The caravan needs some optimising so we can free camp and Will has installed a second battery, Solar panels, TV and a second water tank.

Will is looking for a suitable place for a bigger battery.
A TV is a must to keep the kids occupied during meal preparations.








Emily is already very excited and has chosen her bed but her biggest joy is that she doesn’t have to go to Kindergarten anymore and can spend every day with us.

Emily’s Bunkbed

We are looking forward to our Road adventure and our new chapter and hope that our posts are helpful and can motive other families to travel!

Our Preparations continue

We have just brought our family to the airport which was here for 2 weeks and are busy preparing for our big adventure caravanning around Australia.

Our time is running out and we have decided to tow with our Audi Q7 as it has everything we want and need and is definitely a better towing car than our Mitsubishi. We have to modify it a bit to make it outback ready and therefore the 22″ alloys had to be replaced for 18″.

At the end of the week we will get a tow bar and Anderson plug installed to charge the batteries while we are driving and to keep the fridge running.

The roof will get a basket and an awning and the AUDI is ready to go!

After the Downgrade

Luckily we have found a reliable person who will clean and manage our house, garden and pool.

Our house is advertised as a short term accommodation on several pages like  Airbnb, Stayz or and we will continue to manage the bookings online.

We are about to store all our personal Items and are selling some online. Will’s 4WD’s have all been picked up already which is a big relief for us and we can now concentrate on our final preparations.

Emily was already asking why she still has to go to kindergarten if Daddy doesn’t work anymore and has time to play with her all day?

There are about 70 4WD’s in total in Australia which the company owns and they can be rented on this website.

Will was a 4WD Hiring Agent from home

We love to travel with a minimum of stuff required and are curious how much we will end up packing with the kids as they usually require much more than us!

Finally we can be free and unbound again, enjoy the nature and life and spend more time with the kids outdoors and on the road!

Read it in German

Vorbereitungen laufen auf Hochtouren

Kaum haben wir unsere Familie, die hier zwei Wochen zu Besuch war  zum Flughafen gebracht, gehen die Vorbereitungen weiter.

Da die Zeit knapp wird, haben wir beschlossen mit unserem Audi Q7 zu reisen. Dafür mussten leider unsere 22 Zoll Felgen und Reifen gegen 18 Zoll Felgen eingetauscht werden, damit wir auch Off-road gehen können.

Ende der Wochen kommt eine Anhängerkupplung dran, ein Anderson Stecker zum Laden der Batterien beim Fahren und elektrische Anhänger Bremsen.

Auf das Dach kommt ein Korb und eine Markise und der Audi ist startklar!

Nach dem Downgrade

Zum Glück haben wir nun auch eine zuverlässige Person interviewt, die unser Haus aufräumen und managen wird.

Unser Haus wird auf sämtlichen Online Seiten wie Airbnb, Stayz oder vermieten und wir werden es weiterhin online verwalten.

Wir sind dabei alle Sachen zu verstauen und Willis 4WD Autos wurden schon alle abgeholt, was eine große Erleichterung ist. Nun kann man mit mehr Fokus an die Vorbereitungen rangehen.

Emily hat gefragt wieso sie denn weiterhin in den Kindergarten gehen muss wenn Papa doch nicht mehr arbeitet und den ganzen Tag mit ihr spielen kann?

Es sind ingesamt ca 70 Autos in ganz Australien unterwegs und man kann sie auf dieser Website buchen.

Diese 4WD hat Willi von zu Hause vermietet

Wir lieben es nur mit dem nötigsten zu Reisen und sind schon gespannt wieviel man mit Kindern letztendlich mehr haben wird ?

Endlich können wir wieder frei und ungebunden sein, die Natur und das Leben geniessen und dabei mehr Zeit mit den Kindern im Freien verbringen!

Unsere Vorbereitung für eine Umrundung des Kontinents Australien

Genau vor 10 Jahren haben wir das erste Mal Australien als Backpacker bereist und lieben gelernt. Seit 7 Jahren leben wir in Brisbane an der Ostküste Australiens. Nach einer Bekanntschaft mit einem Paar, das mit Ihren Kindern seit 8 Jahren die Welt mit Fahrrädern bereist, hat uns das Reisefieber wieder gepackt und wir haben uns ein Ziel gesetzt, Australien mit dem Wohnwagen zu umrunden!

Unsere  Kinder sind  zehn Monate und drei Jahre alt. Jetzt ist der ideale Zeitpunkt bevor sie zur Schule gehen und beruflich passt es uns am besten.

Willi hat von zu Hause 4WD Autos an Touristen vermietet und hat es nun alles abgegeben und Tanya ist momentan im Erziehungsurlaub.

So eine Umrundung ist hier in Australien sehr gängig (man nennt es The Big Lap) und viele machen es 2 oder 3 mal hintereinander! Einmal im Uhrzeigersinn und das andere Mal gegen den Uhrzeigersinn.

Wir werden mit dem Wetter reisen und zwar gegen den Uhrzeigersinn denn oben ist es im Winter wärmer und im Süden im Sommer nicht zu heiß.

Am 1. Mai haben wir den Entschluss gefasst und schon am 2 Mai haben wir nach einer Nachtschicht im Internet unseren Traum-Wohnwagen gefunden, den wir am 3 Mai für $21000 gekauft haben.

Sterling Europa 540 von 2005; 7.2 m mit 6 Betten für 13850 Euro.

Es ist ein Import aus England und er hat somit eine Heizung statt einer Klimaanlage was im Winter jetzt für uns zum Vorteil ist.

Unsere neue Küche

Seitdem wird jeden Abend bis spät in die Nacht fleißig im Internet recherchiert und Sachen bei eBay bestellt wie Solarzellen, Waschmaschine, Batterien… (leider gibt es noch kein Amazon)

Eine Vorbereitung mit Kindern ist nicht so einfach aber wir sind ein gutes Team und meistern alles zusammen, beide Autos (AUDI Q7 und Mitsubishi Challenger) werden momentan verkauft um ein Auto zu kaufen das besser zieht und nicht zu schade ist für die Reise.

Damit mehr Geld zum reisen bleibt, haben wir bei der Bank nach einem niedrigerem Zinssatz gefragt, viele unwichtige Sachen verkauft und unser gesamtes Haus wird bei Airbnb für Urlauber und Einheimische vermietet!

Die erste grosse Buchung ist von 2 jungen deutschen Paaren die ihre Reise hier abschliessen und nach Deutschland zurück gehen, somit müssen wir spätestens am 18. Juni unser Haus verlassen und in unser Haus auf Rädern ziehen.

Es werden sämtliche Sachen bestellt, die man während der Reise verkaufen kann um die Reisekasse aufzubessern, Apps die das Reisen vereinfachen werden runtergeladen und der Wohnwagen wird optimiert.


Willi sucht nach einem Platz für eine größere Batterie
Ein TV ist ein Muss um die Kids zu beschäftigen










Emily ist schon sehr aufgeregt, hat ihr Bett ausgesucht und freut sich am meisten darauf dass sie nicht mehr in Kindergarten gehen muss sondern jeden Tag mit uns ist.

Emily’s Hochbett

Wir freuen uns schon sehr auf unser neues Kapitel und hoffen dass unsere Einträge hilfreich und für andere Familien motivierend sind!